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Indoor Farming Food

Indoor farming containers for microgreens, herbs and salads with innovative irrigation systems, distribution to regional wholesalers, farm shops, catering and direct sales.

Brief description
There is a demand in the region for locally grown produce that can be supplied all year round. The proximity to Frankfurt Airport allows the inclusion of catering companies in the sales concept. The biogas plant in the Gross-Gerau region was chosen as the location, where the conditions for cultivation and distribution are excellent. Since winter 2021, the team at the Food & Energy Campus Gross-Gerau GmbH has been producing microgreens, herbs and salads in the region for the region.

Project status
In May 2020, the company shares of "Food & Energy Campus Gross-Gerau GmbH" were acquired and the approval process was initiated. The indoor farming facility was gradually put into operation at the end of 2021. Local marketing is already underway. Further tests are running in parallel to continuously develop and optimise the modules.

Click here for the Frankfurter Rundschau article from 14 January 2022

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